The wasp and me

There are two subjects in this case. The first one, as you can gather, is myself. The other one is an insect which, due to my lack of knowledge in entomology, will henceforth be referred to as the wasp. Now, don’t go assuming that it’s another mundane story about a victim of wasp-stings. Such prejudices... Continue Reading →


Yet another poem

So I wrote this poem two years back as part of an activity in school and I was quite happy with it at the time. Now that I look at it, I find that all my notions about spring are influenced by the works of British authors. Admittedly, I don't even have an inkling of... Continue Reading →

About maintaining a diary

I started writing in my diary about seven years ago, even before I had found any respite in it. I had a very good reason for maintaining a diary: I wanted it to record the most important events of my life so that, when one day I became famous, I wouldn’t have to scavenge through... Continue Reading →

Why appreciation works for me

I have been dormant for quite a while but I think there is nothing wrong about it. I am not writing to get more followers (though I reached a hundred a few days back. Yay!) I write because I like to and because it's my most cherished hobby. I can get back to it whenever... Continue Reading →

What makes me think that Humpty Dumpty was a girl

Disclaimer: The author hasn't conducted a background check on the subject and is only proposing a theory which has full chances of being proved wrong. Any inconsistencies regarding facts are unintentional and purely out of disregard for the information so easily availlable on the internet, and so in contradiction to her theory, that it would... Continue Reading →

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