Me, myself and I ( and a bit of why)

Hey! This is my first time trying my hand at blogging and I am not sure how this will turn out. I am more comfortable writing on paper rather than typing but I hope this doesn’t pose as a challenge.

I really like to read and that is just what made me want to write. Some day I see myself as a published author, weaving wonderful stories, but who knows what life has in store for us, right? The other factor which makes me want to write so desperately is my wish to be known and heard around the world. My voice may not be able to accomplish this but my words should compensate for that. But all my aspirations too are not enough to compell me to write everyday- a neccessity, I believe, for anyone who wants to make writing their goal. It happens many times that I start writing about something but never get to the end or I might feel my idea is just not good enough. So I feel that this blog could act as a stimulant for me, prodding me to write as frequently as possible.

I am not exactly sure what my blog will deal with. There are just so many subjects I feel strongly about but I am never too sure whether my take on it is correct. So instead of voicing my opinions, I just note them down in my journal. However, there is a wish which resides within me which is to be heard and appreciated for the same.

I cannot guarantee the best of posts on this humble blog of mine,nor can I advertise it in any way for I myself am unsure of what it would contain. I don’t know why you guys would like to read my blog at all- I am not as famous for everyone to be interested in the particulars of my daily life. But I would be extremely pleased if someone reads my blog.

That is it then.


10 thoughts on “Me, myself and I ( and a bit of why)

  1. The secret (?!) to writing is to just do it. Commit words to paper or screen and get them out of your head. Only by constant practice (unless you’re some kind of genius) can you realistically hope to pen a popular work without lots of attempts. But you have the spirit and you make sense so there is nothing really stopping you achieving your ambition. Go for it! And good luck.

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      1. You’d be surprised at what readers find interesting. Once posted a random post about random thoughts going through in my head and there were immediate likes on that one. As well as my post about me bitching about my own student film, a more recent one. Before I posted that one I was wondering who would be interested to read that😅

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        1. Ha ha! It so happens sometimes that the posts I am really proud of do not draw attention and when I least expect it, I get a spam of likes😕 ( and right now, a spam of likes for me is not more than 4 or 5 per post, but I still get excited with each new like😁).

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          1. That’s me with the post which you personally liked on my own WordPress. Literally woke up this afternoon to 4 likes and 2 comments. I have NEVER ever gotten 2 comments within hours of posting. It’s a first.

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            1. I do not remember on which post of yours I read it and I could not comment just then but I would like to mention that I share your inability to understand the evergreen relationship between washrooms and a pack of girls.

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