“There is no need to empower us,” said all the women of the world.

Women Empowerment was the trend last year with new faces entering the lime light, our women winning medals at the olympics, and both male and female actors campaigning for equal pays. Although I myself am greatly pleased by this advancement, I don’t feel any particular need for women empowerment ( not by others, at least) and for every child to be tagged as a feminist in the making for holding views which do not adhere to society’s prescribed norms.

I feel that empowerment is for those who have been crushed for ages and who are not capable of standing up and fighting back. Trying to empower us, counting us as mute, vulnerable creatures is a disrespect. We may have been crushed and I still do not understand why we were held back, but we are almost equal in numbers to men and in some places, even more. We have the necessary power to fight back but we are still stuck in the same condition as a few years back.

The emancipation of women must be done by women themselves. There is no force in the world, not even money, which can get women to be at par with men unless they themselves want it. They must question their position in the society, ask why they are the second sex, and makes the opposite gender so special as to be given preference. They must break the barriers of society’s prudence such that no rickshaw-wallah, not even a parliamentarian can ridicule them for their clothing. It is the mindset of people that needs to be changed rather than a woman’s choice of clothes. What makes a fully covered woman less vulnerable? And even if she is thus safer from the outer world, does that necessarily mean that she won’t fall prey to domestic violence? Why cannot women have male friends without generating comments? Is it the sole purpose of their existence to get married and reproduce? And if we are the producers, if we gave birth to all the men in the world, shouldn’t we be put on a higher pedestal? We women need to answer these questions and ask some more, and from the rest of the world, we just expect some amount of support and a lot of respect.

Am I getting too preachy? This doesn’t mean to direct any disrespect to all the wonderful, understanding men out there. It was just something I had talked about at school as a part of the assessment and I had been pleased with myself. So I just thought of mentioning it in my post on this wonderful day. Anyway, Happy Women’s day to all those in or around my time zone and if it still is not a wednesday anywhere, then A Happy Women’s day in advance!

P.S. While you are free, you could very well visit Kaalitales, a blog which has been very helpful in forming my own perception about women and all things related to us.


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