Victory’s taste

The wind billows down the shore

And past where I am standing.

It took ages and ages for us

To come to an understanding.

He lies dead at my feet

His golden crown now mine.

His throne, his queen are no more his

And his city I shall refine.

They shall build monuments

To mark their king’s defeat.

They shall sculpt their ruler

Lying dead at my feet.

My eyes brim with pride

On beholding this city vast.

All that I had wished for

Is mine, at last.

All injustice, all the pain –

He has now paid for.

That throne which was rightly mine –

I couldn’t even touch it before.

I was left out, abandoned

While he got my throne – my everything.

I was betrayed, I was exiled

By my very kin.

For it is he, my brother

Who lies dead at my feet.

I avenged my right

And he tasted defeat.
I got what I wanted

But was I in the right?

What was it for which I sacrificed

My everything in this fight?

I tasted victory, yet

Was it not futile?

I gave up all desires

I have forgotten how to smile.

I shall gain fame

There will be a myth

About my winning the throne and the crown

But no one to share it with.

My family has left me

I am all alone.

Now that I know what I have done,

My brother I shall bemoan.

I had been blinded by ambition

Everything else seemed a waste;

Now I know what it is

To feel victory’s taste


20 thoughts on “Victory’s taste

  1. Depiction of the aftermath of victory , yes nice your poem reminds me of a Christian song “it is so fun to see , so fun to see Satan lose ” 😊 … Great diction and ideas …. God is victory so when I see victory it reminds me of him …. You know when you conquered your senses are heightened uncontrollabely

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