A worthy punishment

He galloped and galloped and galloped on,

He was riding the horse since early morn.

The horse was tired and panting away

But the rider moved on along the way.

He was dressed in breeches and crocodile skin boots;

He had a gun with which he seldom shoots.

He was passing through a desert – all so blazing hot!

Fancy his not stopping, for he sweated a lot.

But he was filled with determination

And also moved by his father’s persuasion

To meet him in his last days.

Now this is what his will says:

“My entire belongings – money and all –

Would of course on him fall;

He who had taken pity on me

And had each day come to see

After my health, and what I was doing

And whether I was easy going.”

At this, the son fell in grief

For, inheritance of wealth had been his belief.

He had travelled all the way there

Not because he in the least cared;

All he ever wanted was his father’s wealth

And marry his love on May’s twelfth.

Then the will continued

For, it hadn’t been fully viewed.

“As no one here is particularly the he

The owner of my money will always be me.

I want it buried in my grave,

Well, except for a penny save

That’ll pass on to my only son

Who came to visit this old one.”

And then he fell, still and dead

It’s fifty years since he was wed.

The son then realised his mistake

If he’d cared, it would’ve been for his own sake

For, his father had been a wise one

Who had aptly punished his son.
P. S. I know I am not posting as regularly as I had meant to at first but I started writing two different things but never got anywhere with them. And then I just let things go on their own for a whike which soon turned into a week and then I was feeling too guilty so I fetched an old poem of mine. All those harsh critics out there, I’m only human!


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