Dear Mum…

Hey Mum! Yes you middle-aged woman with those orange spectacles, this post is for you. Not that I’m going to shower praises and gratitude upon you, far from that, actually. And everyone else reading this will bear a living testament to my words, not that the internet already hasn’t it saved, but still.

Firstly, you were not supposed to read my posts until I told you to. You betrayed my trust in doing that( not actually but it did give me a shock). There are people out there who would let their mothers read their posts before anyone else, but I am not one of them. And it wasn’t that I wasn’t going to let you read at all. I just wanted everything to settle, for me to get familiar with the blogging world and then I would have let you in to the secret. But you had been reading my posts since probably the first day, and all this while I had been made to believe you couldn’t even use the WordPress app!!!! Then again, I should have known. You can’t keep an app on your phone without ever opening it, can you?

Well, I wouldn’t mind as much if you had limited yourself to the posts and didn’t  read the comments I get or the comments I make on other people’s blogs, that too before me. The first thing I do these days after I get up from bed is open the WordPress app and check the notifications but they would already have been opened by none other than your Highness. Can’t you indulge in your morning routine (whatever it may be), read the newspaper or just admire your garden? But you choose to have no regards for my privacy. Yes, I agree I used your mail id to make the account but that does not entitle you the freedom to read my personal mails. And don’t start ranting about my being a kid until I’m eighteen because I already know that.

Now, this could have been a bit more tolerable had you acted like a mother should in such circumstances. Yes, your daughter doesn’t start blogging everyday – I understand your enthusiasm, woman – but if you’re just as eager as your actions depicts, can you care to express it through words? Because, however much I persist, you never have anything to comment about any of my posts except for a ‘nice’, a ‘good’, a ‘not so nice’ and a ‘bad’. All right, you say that you’re not a critic and hence it doesn’t fall upon you to point out the flaws (and being a mother, you shouldn’t point out my flaws because that would be discouraging and disheartening) but you’re not driven by the motive of encouraging your child either. You could, now and then, appreciate me, tell me how excellently I write and similar stuff even if you have to lie because who doesn’t like praises? I’m not going to have my head up in the clouds just because you praised me more than once. All I can ever get out of you is a nice or a good and I don’t know what to make of it: whether to believe that you really meant it or take it as a half-hearted comment on your side. 

So you see, that’s what I expect of you from now on. For a start, you could tell me how right I was in this post and appreciate me for it, thereby proving me wrong, if you know what I mean.
*And my dear readers, thank you for bearing with my rants. There would be many among you who would be dying to get me to appreciate my mum (its not that I don’t) but as I said earlier, this post isn’t meant to shower applause and appreciation on her*


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  1. She just cares about your safety because you under age (though it certainly can’t be an excuse) and it’s reasonable to some extent. But it always led to frustrations and one may become even more secretive and mistrustful if all went wry and wrong. I’ve heard and read so many stories like yours (I’ve recollected a literary and memoir one just now ‘Sin’ by Agnes Repplier). And even when the mums (and the dads) didn’t know but later did. Don’t be judgemental too much (I see you’re smart enough not to be) and do not blame her too much for her maternal curiosity. But it’s the case when the curiosity almost killed “the cats” and the relationships. Do not apologize, but if I were your mum ~~ I would have apologized. Remember me to your mum if you want to, girl, but I suspect it will not be so delightful after the incident. Always keep your secrets or so-called secrets to yourself or share them who you wish to to make sure they are trustworthy. ~ Have a nice day.

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  2. Hehe! I don’t mind now whether she reads my posts as much. Earlier it was just embarrassing to think she’d read what I had written (or typed) but this one was directed towards her in particular😉. And it came as a shock when I got to know she had been reading since the beginning but since it was inevitable, I had to accept it. What I want from her is some amount of suggestions or comments but she was adamant in refusing to do that. I had to eke things out of her but it wasn’t satisfying or even natural. And even after reading this one particular post, she doesn’t say anything. I am replying not only to you but her as well(hey Mum!). It’s nice complaining if it means this will get words out of her mouth. And it’s not serious, really😊.
    Anyway, thanks for commenting. You are among the few people who care to write such longish comments and it makes me so happy to find someone actually reads my posts.(Mum, you need to comment– verbally, of course)

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    1. No matter whether it is total or partial control one can’t control the thoughts of another one. And it’s not even you who speaks here but your soul, and the soul selects its own society to speak to. The soul (or whatever it may be called) is neither young or old, and it doesn’t belong to any kin or nation. I wish to know that but it’s impossible. I can only suggest. ~ Take care of yourself.

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      1. I conveyed the message to Mum and then we Googled you (sorry, if that wasn’t to your liking) and we found that you are from Ukraine( hope you belong to that country, otherwise this would be useless).
        Over to Mum…
        Mum: “I am a big fan of the Ukranian show ‘Snowdrop’ and am so happy you are a citizen of that country! Wishing to watch many more such shows.”
        She insisted I tell you this..


      2. Oh, that’s another kind of curiosity. ~ As to TV shows and series, frankly saying, I don’t watch them as most of them are either overdramatized or underdramatized. I can watch now and then only those that may catch my own male’s mind. There are comedies and comedies, dramas and dramas, tastes and tastes. So I can’t tell until I watch or see and then say my opinion. But it may hurt or please. So, I avoid to sharpen the matter if it concerns the tastes if I see they do not coincide as it is useless to prove it to someone who does not see as I see it, eye to eye. Another thing is what you may get out of it even if it is filmy and flubdub or flapdoodle. Sometimes I like the movies that may seem to be stupid but they convey a specific meaning I digest and enjoy. It’s a state of mind when and how we evaluate something finding our arguments against or for it. ~ With love from Ukraine ~.

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  3. Although your privacy was invaded at bit, I’m sure your mum was just trying to keep you safe. There are nefarious people on the internet who present themselves as ‘friends’ but in reality try to take advantage of young people. Never give anyone personal information such as phone number or address. And never arrange to meet people you do not know no matter how nice they appear online.

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  4. You spoke your mind and that is okay, it is your mum. You can be rest assured that she is giving her cheeky smile as she reads this post. But trust me my dear, I am sure she is proud, proud that her daughter writes so beautifully (and must be even secretly scolding herself for not understanding your ability to write so well up until she discovered your blog). But the mother in her will just continue to say the ‘good’ or the ‘okay’, so that you strive to be better than you are, think harder and unleash the creativity that still remains in you.
    The other thing is that she is not snooping around, she is just keeping an eye to make sure that you are just fine. Now I know you will roll your eyes (again!) but I have been there too and I was not saint, but one rebellious daughter, so I can totally understand. Yet, there are times I wish my mum or dad would read my work and tell me just a ‘good’ or a nice, it warms my heart to even think that but i am still waiting for it to happen.
    Now being a mum myself, I know that no one, just no one can have their best interests in their heart for you as much as you mum and dad can.
    If your mum is reading this, I hope she agrees. As for you, you are an amazing writer. I am already caught up reading your posts and enjoying it this morning. All the best and keep them coming! (I hope you will not block me out after this sermon :()

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    1. Thank you. It is overwhelming, really! I didn’t roll my eyes when you talked about my security but I did laugh a bit. I got so many grown ups telling me that same thing that if they don’t, I will wonder whether they are in their sane minds. And I will never block for such a nice, long comment😁.

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