To love or not to love…animals

I was recently asked whether I love animals and as I’d mentioned in an earlier post, I replied that don’t have any particular liking towards them.


I was recently asked whether I love animals and as I’d mentioned in an earlier post, I replied that don’t have any particular liking towards them. This emerges out of a sense of hygiene. I have to wash my hands if I happen to come in contact with animals even if they are the regularly bathed pets. And I detest dogs and cats that roam about freely in the house and take the liberty to climb onto your lap, and lick your hands and face, much against your wishes. Two cats frequent our house for food and play, and I do pet them for a while, rub their backs and the underside of their necks, and shake their limbs (mostly in order to examine their claws), but I do that only for their edification, not mine. It doesn’t please me to shower a lot of affection on these cats when I am the one who should be getting more attention. However, if they ignore me because they are too busy with their food (or because I kicked them in the tummy), I will not have it.

The other reason for my lack of affection arose out of a lot of pondering on my part. I do empathise with animals if they are suffering: if a cow has nothing to eat but plastic or if a dog got crushed by a speeding vehicle. But I find it wrong on my part – or anyone’s for that matter-to show love for animals when we indulge in anti-life activities. I being a non vegetarian, often partake of food obtained from animals. Those animals that end up on my plate aren’t disliked by me, but my tastebuds owerpower my liking for them. And I have honey, milk and eggs too to go with the other food I eat. Now, saying that I don’t love the animals I eat or use would be wrong; I love them more for the service they provide than those useless creatures you make your pets for companionship. Loving all creatures equally would be the ideal condition, but not all those who call themselves animal lovers are vegan, nor do they fully deter from availing the services of animals be it for food, transport or clothing material. That, in my opinion, would be akin to racism. The idea is that my fellow white citizens will get all the love I can give them but the Blacks (not to offend anyone by that) may be killed in their efforts to serve me, and I won’t care an ounce. Similarly, the love for animals is subjective. I love my pets and they will get the best of facilities, but sorry hens (or lambs or pigs or fishes), you were born only to provide me with food, and I being way too superior in intellect can decide whether you have enough meat in you for my consumption.

Isn’t it better to not boast about one’s love for animals and enjoy the services they offer than to be hypocrites? [Sorry, I love that word ; )]

P. S. I won’t be too active on this blog for a month or so and this post and a few others that will follow have been scheduled in advance, and I hope that scheduling works like the app says it will. I might not be able to reply to comments for while nor will I read the blogs I follow. But I hope it won’t diminish your interest in my blog.

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