A list of all things I am afraid of (or at least those I remember)

My fears are much unlike yours, dear readers. Definitely. Who would be weird enough to conform to my quirks? Who would be afraid not of the usual things like alligators but of everyday objects like probably a mosquito racquet? Yes, that does make it to the list but we will come to that. Presently.

The fears which are shared by loads of other people will be listed below. If you are bored, please feel free to not scroll down to the list of uncommon fears because it took a lot of thinking on my part to list all my fears down, even the common ones. So here it goes: 

1. Intruders

It is special in its own way to fear burglars and murders if the fear happens to catch hold of you in the middle of the day, when everyone’s at home and enjoying a midday nap in their air-conditioned rooms. Whenever I am alone in the house, which happens quite often, all the sounds seem to intensify and indicate the presence of someone in the house besides myself. Those sounds are accompanied by the talks of construction workers behind my house, and being the suspicious person that I am, I am led to believe that my fears are not ill founded. I check the stairs every few minutes (because I believe that the balcony of my room would be the ideal location for the intruders to enter the house) and sometimes I even lock myself in the bedroom on the ground floor along with basic provisions to last me the duration of my alone-time. Then I proceed to turn on the fan at full speed so as to drown out the noises of the intruders and commence reading a book. Usually, I will also lie down on the floor and peer through the slit between the door and the ground to check if someone isn’t really out there in the house. Even when I am certain of no one’s presence, I don’t dare to get out of the room, however urgent my need to use the bathroom might be.

2.  Snakes
 Those creepy-crawly, smooth skinned reptiles with supposedly hypnotising eyes were fittingly a part of Medusa’s person. The fear had been instilled in me long ago, when a creature of that type had interfered in my reading by coming as close to my legs as possible and lying there until my eyes fell upon its still body and I jerked myself backwards, books and all, while tears and shrieks freely flowed out of my body. I don’t remember many encounters with snakes but if the name is enough to invoke fear, why look forward to meeting with him?

3. Bloody Mary  

I heard about this myth about five years ago. Though there are different versions of this tale, the said ghost’s supposed presence in the mirror has never failed to terrify me, not even now. It has always seemed the most convincing of stories as against those stories which describe the possession of dolls by a ghost. Even now, I have allocated a bathroom mirror as the residence of Bloody Mary owing to the fact that this bathroom is mostly used at night, that time when she is most likely to appear before you.I am too lazy (and sleepy) to turn on the light when I need to use the bathroom at night and I leave it just slightly open to let in the light from the room. But even after I have finished my business and proceed to wash my hands, I dare not look into the mirror for fear of finding her right behind me.

4. Balls
That could be one of the reasons I don’t play any sport. Most sports have to have a ball in use, and others are not liked by me. I can’t think back to an incident which may have triggered this feeling but thinking about the consequences on being hit by a ball are enough, in my belief, to deter people from playing such sports.

Yes, doctors are terrible and they will make the most scary ghosts if they have left some unfinished business before dying, like a cut-open tummy, yet to be stitched. But even the living ones are no less terrifying, especially if you have an appointment with them. The weapons of war which are used to cut open bodies are less likely to scare me than those medical tools used to stitch those bodies back to shape.Even the sight of the stethoscope had increased my heart beats when my biology teacher had brought it to class for demonstration. Waiting outside the cabin for a checkup last time had my heart racing, and I am pretty sure the doc was not able to measure my correct pulse or heart rates that time.

6. Sales persons and shopkeepers
These people roam about the shops, especially in malls, and are always at your service except in my case. They don’t bother me in bookstores, and I have to shout to get their attention in grocery stores. But whenever I feel like buying clothes, they have to hover around me and seemingly scrutinise my choice of clothes. It is not that I don’t avail their help but it isn’t always deemed necessary by me. They bring in loads of unwanted clothes for me to approve with a smile pasted on their mouths, and though they are trying to help, their presence bothers me and I walk away from that section only to return later when they are busy with some other customer.

7. Mosquito racquet
They are mostly harmless, unless you happen to be a mosquito, or you happen to be me. They make a stinging sound with each killing and the dead mosquito slowly swirls down to the ground. And they also produce sparks when the mosquitoes die. So poking a finger in between the wires would be the last thing anyone would want to do.
Those are some of the fears I can think of right now. There are others too but they escape my mind at the moment. By the way, if any of you have fears that are unique to you, feel free to comment. Also, if the quality of my writing is in any way not up to the mark, do tell me any time. I want to improve and your response will be much appreciated.

P . S  The blogger is unavaillable at the moment because she is vacationing right now. She will respond to all your comments as soon as she can. Good day!


6 thoughts on “A list of all things I am afraid of (or at least those I remember)

  1. Hope you had a vacation, Vish. I am back from mine too and trying to pick up the pieces from where I left. So here I am on a spree of checking out spaces for all the wonderful stories that I have missed.
    After reading your post, I would just say Congratulations, you are just human. You are not weird and neither are your fears. If someone at any point in time did mention about your fears being weird, let me tell you that I am weird too.
    I still, at times, check and recheck the locks to the door and the many rooms for intruders for there are times, strange times at night when all is quiet and everyone are asleep except me, that I find my mind worrying about them. As for mirrors, Oh I fear them too.
    It was a movie, that I saw when I was a child. Something that has stayed with me. The thought of which comes back every time I am alone and when all is quiet and dark.
    Now, I no more ‘not look’, I look and check, age has done at least that much.

    Liked by 1 person

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