The reality of dreams

Dreams are the manifestations of your unfulfilled dreams, and I can boast some really outlandish ones which were both grim and beautiful for as long as they lasted


Dreams are the manifestations of your unfulfilled dreams, and I can boast some really outlandish ones which were both grim and beautiful for as long as they lasted. They say that those who have dreams don’t enjoy a good night’s sleep but I can’t imagine a life without dreams. What is the use of sleeping if you aren’t aware the next morning that you were asleep; surely, sleep shouldn’t feel like an immeasurably short time when you lose consciousness and all you can remember is closing your eyes at night and then opening them when you wake up.

I have the most vivid of dreams and have the fortune to remember them even after I wake up. But they – most of them – aren’t possible, such is the nature of dreams, yet they seem real for as long as they last. However improbable they may be, it never occurs to me that all I see is untrue. Of course we are never fully conscious in our sleep but shouldn’t we pause and question the happenings of our dreams? Why do we embrace such things when we balk at believable occurrences like a theft or a death?

My dream, if I sit down to describe them, would seem made up – and my brother refuses to believe them – but I shall nevertheless begin describing them given that I have nothing else to do right now.

The first dream I remember having portrayed my school principal as the villain who had tied me up and shoved me into the van upon my refusal to go to school. Then in an other dream I found a pot of gold buried in the sand and when I dug it out, a big wave swept me off my feet and I found myself surfing on a board which appeared mysteriously. Then, when I started fan-girling over stuff, I found quite a few of my favourite people in my dream, though not in a situation I would like. I had dreamt that the Avengers had been recruited by the wizards to fight against Voldemort, but that remained in the background. Instead, I ran with Wolverine up a few stairs and found myself in a room where Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were lying dead on the floor. When I began crying, Lupin – to my relief – half got up and said that he had just been pretending. Then, in a recent dream, I saw my English teacher posing with Iron Man while I looked on, a bit jealous. In yet another dream, I found myself fighting with Wolverine. It was an unexplainably lovely dream.

Other dreams are much common and their match can be found in psychology texts. We dream that we are falling down from a height and we wake all of a sudden. Or you could dream about an upcoming test or the chocolate laden biscuits you ate a few hours ago.

Even when I don’t get a very creative dream, I find that my sleep has been fulfilling. Or I feel as if I haven’t wasted those hours when I had been asleep. Sometimes dreams provide you with ideas, like that one time when I saw I was attending the wedding of my history teacher with King Louise XVI and I turned this into a story which remains yet to be finished. Inception was a great movie in these terms. The fact that you can’t remember the beginning of your dreams had never occurred to me before, and I try always to ‘try’ being aware of my presence in a dream. This might have been an ill-founded theory but I so wish it were true!

5 thoughts on “The reality of dreams

  1. Since having kids all my dreams are either dark, losing all my teeth or not being able to find my children, or have me back in high school with all my old friends and classmates. I think it’s a symptom of worrying about my kids or sometimes wishing for that time in my life when things were simpler.

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    1. Losing teeth would be a nightmare for me too as I like all my food crispy. I don’t want to survive on cerelac like food stuff ever in my life.
      Thanks for the comment and sorry for the late reply☺.


  2. You are lucky, Vish. You remember most of what you have been dreaming about. I loved the part of the history teacher posing with Iron Man, one that indeed needs a bit of getting green with envy. Our dreams constitute a lot of what our subconscious mind observes during the day, but would not reading, understanding and interpreting dreams make a fine job. It is one that I have often thought about.

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