Dust and Brooms: The problem with cleaning

Some people are suited to a task since their birth while others can’t simply adapt to it, try as they might. I had decided long ago that being a housewife would be the last thing I would ever want to do. Taking care of the home and the hearth isn’t my cup of tea and it reminds me that it took me two persistent years to learn how to make a cup of tea. Compared to the Dragon-quest of a task that cooking is, cleaning seems like hunting a puny rabbit that has a leg missing. But everything is not what it seems to be, mind you, and my contempt for the task in question has never reduced even a bit.

There was once a lady, a domestic help, who would arrive at put place when it suited her whims and would clean the house as efficiently as she could without exerting herself one bit. And we would have to shift all furniture out of the way in order for her highness to clean all nooks and crannies, so that, by the end of her visit we would be sweating all over while the lady would mysteriously remain as fresh as ever. But that was a long time ago. It was inevitable that she would have to leave after quite a lot of cutlery had been smashed to pieces. In the end, this indomitable task of cleaning the house fell upon our shoulders and each weekend was thus spent, so that, by this time I have become certified in directing you as to how exactly this task is performed.

Even with all the experience that I have gathered, you need to have an intuitive knowledge of the direction in which the wind usually blows and with what pressure and intensity it does so. You are also required to map out all the places where dust is likely to be produced. It could be the construction site behind your house or the busy street in the front, or it could be your dog scraping at the mud in your garden. Likewise you could eliminate all those dust-producing factors, though try not be anti-social in the process. A safer and simpler process would be the elimination of all windows during the construction of your beloved house.

In spite of all these precautionary measures, the accumulation of dirt is inevitable. Cleaning wouldn’t seem so dreadful had it been possible to remove all the dirt once and for all. As you sweep it from a place, the dirt rises up in the air in the form of clouds and then precipitates at just the place you had swept a moment ago. After you gather all the dust and dispose of it, you have no control over its unruly nature, and in the end, it will again enter your house without permission while you would have to again take out the broom and mops from the cupboard. And only god knows how much dust the broom has contained within itself.

It would altogether have been a different  situation had we sent all the dust up into space but that being economically inviable option, we will have to limit ourselves to the brooms and mops that we can afford.


9 thoughts on “Dust and Brooms: The problem with cleaning

  1. It’s interesting to me the you associate housewife with cleaning. I think you’ll find that it’s a chore we all have to do once we leave home…although not when you’re at uni. University seems to be a gap in human development when we can live as squalidly as we want, perhaps because our mums are no longer nagging us.

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    1. Well yes that is true. We have to do it whether we want it or not. I could get someone to do it for me, couldn’t I? But I don’t like anyone touching my stuff and I am so suspicious of people that it won’t be a possibility. Poor me😣


    1. Thanks a lot! I got one other nomination a few days back so I don’t have to worry about the content of my next two posts😉. I am feeling guilty about the recent period of inactivity on my blog so I will commence writing as soon as I can.

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  2. Housewife or career woman, keeping at least some part of your home (that is off limits to the in-coming maid) becomes a job that you must get used to once you have left Mamma’s home. Like you, a big part of the cleaning job had come to rest on my shoulder back home. I did not enjoy much of the job but the end result of seeing a clean home was one I appreciated (even if the other members of the family did not).
    Also, I remember you sending me a nomination for an award. It was one I had failed to follow up. Once again, thank you very much for the nomination, but I will have to let it go as I have decided to go award free.

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