A post for shameless self-glorification 

It’s not usually good to score well if your friends didn’t too. Take my word for it; I’ve got experience. It’s not that I won’t be happy with my marks because a friend of mine fared badly in the test. I am not such a good friend. I will feel bad for them, of course, but that won’t make me overlook my happiness. I know I am selfish but that’s how it is.

Whenever we flunk a test, we will indulge in defensive behaviour, listing down all the reasons for our poor performance, ranging from a very bad day to the damnable difficulty of the test. I do it too and if you haven’t done it, you won’t understand the satisfaction which accompanies it. And who listens to these rants without complaints? Our friends, of course. I am that friend too at times. I listen and join in to make the friend feel better. It makes one reassured that someone out there agrees to one’s plight. I understand that, and even if I feel like attaching wings to myself and flying off into the heavens of happiness, I will cling to this despicable place and listen to you as you complain about the unattainable knowledge that the test required to be answered correctly. And all the while I would be repressing the giggles which would be dying to escape my mouth due to my happiness. I would want to showcase my (not so very)white teeth and the gums holding them to everyone I pass to tell them just how very happy I am. But I can’t do that because I have to clamp down on that sense of individuality and start being a friend because that’s what the moment calls for. And perhaps that is why being a friend is not always the best thing.


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