Against the age-old persecution of body hair

Guest-post by a yeti


All the hair on my body, other than that on my scalp, is very displeasing to most, and I can’t fathom why. I have got a lot of hair everywhere except for my armpits which I believe do not get enough nourishment. I inherited it from my father and that is one reason why I don’t want to remove it. You can check the hairgrowth on my body to certify that I am his daughter, hence the tedious process of getting a DNA test would be avoided. I am very attached to my hair, after all, they have been my companions for almost sixteen years. I wonder why people are so bent on removing their hair. It doesn’t harm them in any way, nor does it hinder their growth. Moreover, it is an evidence of our evolution, an advocate of sciences. Our very abhorrence of our hair reminds us of the importance of a life well lived, for any individual wanting respect. By having no function of its own, it faces extermination and even in the face of that crisis, it teaches us not to descend into purposeless living ourselves. Even after the hardships it faces, our hair rises up with as much vigour as before, and by taking its example we learn the value of perseverence.

If I apply the little knowledge of political theory that I have acquired, I can state that my appearance is directed by the freedom I have and wish to exercise. It belongs to that undefinable area in which I may operate according my whims, whatever they may be, for as long as they don’t incur considerable damage on the society. And since my hair doesn’t produce searing pain in anyone’s eyes, no one has the business to ask me to shave it off.

No one has disapproved of my father’s hair, nor will my brother go through this oredeal. But I need to look presentabe enough and to that end must do away with my poor dears. And may I ask who I must look presentable for? Those who know my value won’t care about my looks and those who measure my worth by my appearance are of no importance to me.

11 thoughts on “Against the age-old persecution of body hair

  1. Well said! I wish that I had your strength of conviction but I agree with everything you’ve said. I must say that I do let my hair grow over winter because no one will see it, further proof that I don’t ‘de-hair’ for my own benefit.

    I also don’t shave or wax ‘down there’ because I find that weird. I have pubic hair because I’m a woman, not a seven year old girl. I wouldn’t want to be intimate with a man who was so threatened by a thatch of hair and the only man I’m intimate with anyway is my husband who has been with me since I was 18 and has never complained.

    I think the greatest point you make is that it’s an expression of freedom. Whether we let our body hair grow or stop it in it’s tracks doesn’t matter. What matters is that we make that choice based on what we want for ourselves, not what others want for us.

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    1. Yeah, exactly. But sometimes, it so happens that our own happiness lies in pleasing others so that they may finally stop pestering us about things. It is to get them to stop that I might someday relent and get my hair shaved and that decision will still lie in my hands and I would be considered free. I would have acted upon my own will and that should make me happy but that would be the only option left with me. Because I will be so tired of everyone dictating me. I hope these people understand that my apperance isn’t something they need to worry about. I will get a husband on my own without anyone having to worry about my hair😉.

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  2. I completely agree with you. But I urge you to let go of the annoyance because they aren’t worth that attention. Whoever wanted your appearance to change that is. I’m a lazy human being and if society permits, I’d rather roam around in animal skins or even sans that like a neanderthal and rub rocks together and be amused by fire. People have this ideal picture of beauty and I have this constant urge to defy every rule that society sets and believe me, we’re more than just one or two people among the billions.
    Bottomline, let it grow, let it show! As for idiots, they are called so for a reason.

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  3. I like your attitude! I shave most everything arms, legs and all that. I don’t really do it to please anyone but I found I like the smooth feel. It isn’t too much trouble for me as my hair is very fine and light. But I completely support that you own your heritage and feel good about the way you are!

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